Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your blog's about what... ?

One of the great things about "the blogosphere" is the vast variety of subjects people choose to write about. It's fascinating (and sometimes baffling) to see what's on people's minds. Clicking that "NEXT BLOG" button at the top right corner of the screen can take you to a bunch of different places (and languages). Having said that, there are a few blogs that make me scratch my head.

For instance, there's Shaving Info. Hey, a public service sharing information on how to get the closest shave. Interesting. Well, except the "unisex shaving portal" has several posts concerning the proper shaving of one's naughty regions. I don't think Gillette sponsors this blog.

Actually, this guy - if it's just one person - has a bunch of these types of blogs. It's like sifting through your junk mail all over again:

Washing Machine - For those who have reached the point in life when you can purchase your own washer and dryer. You know you're an adult when... (And nothing kinky. I haven't found that "best spin cycle" entry.)

Credit Cards Online - As if you weren't already deluged with applications and bills, and worried about debt.

Pine Furniture - Whoa, cowboy. Let me age 10 years, get married, and give up my Saturday mornings and afternoons first, okay?

Okay, I've given this all too much time and publicity. But if you find this exciting, here's one about handling debt, and another about talent development resources. Carry on with your day.