Saturday, March 26, 2005

Is there still hope?

After last Saturday, I figured I had absolutely no hope of winning Yoni Cohen's college basketball Bloggers Bracket. I, along with three of my best friends, watched Wake Forest forget how to play defense (the experts say they never learned how to properly defend this season) and lose to West Virginia, 111-105. Since I'd picked the Demon Deacons to win the NCAA tournament (a fact my little sister reminded me of via cell phone during my drive back to Iowa), I realized my chances of winning Yoni's contest were slimmer than Lara Flynn Boyle and decided never to look at my bracket again.

But Sis, surely seeking to crush my self-esteem in return for bullying her when we were children, asked me last night to check where I ranked in the standings. Seeing as how I was in 306th place before Wake Forest lost, I expected to find my name down around the number 500.

Well, look at who's surged to 296th place! Two of my Final Four - Syracuse and the aforementioned (Not a-)Wake Forest - are indeed gone. But I'd forgotten that I changed my mind, and picked North Carolina to win the tournament. So I'm still alive - barely. Sis, how do you like them apples?