Monday, March 07, 2005

Wherefore art thou, Axl?

I don't know how many other Guns 'N Roses fans would be reading this (According to Mis Hooz, there are none), but if you once rocked out to "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Sweet Child o' Mine," you might find this article by Jeff Leeds' interesting. It's titled "The Most Expensive Album Never Made," and details the long, expensive, and futile effort of Axl Rose to record the next Guns 'N Roses album, "Chinese Democracy."

(And if you bring this up in conversation, don't forget to mention Guns 'N Roses before you say the words "chinese democracy." Otherwise, you might find yourself in an entirely different discussion. Just thought I'd pass that nugget of wisdom along.)

Unfortunately, if you're already familiar with the story, Leeds' piece doesn't reveal any new information. Axl Rose has alienated at least a half-dozen musicians and producers, and wasted a ton of money, trying to get this album - whatever the hell it is, at this point - just right. He seems paralyzed by perfectionism, ignoring that plenty of fans would probably snap up whatever was released.

Or maybe Axl knows, deep down, that he no longer has the band fans remember. And this new thing he tried just wouldn't match up to the memories of what seemed like a truly great rock 'n roll band back in the early '90s. Maybe he's smart, not crazy. But we'll probably never know.