Thursday, March 10, 2005

Please! Enough with this shizzle

Is there a trend more played out than ending all of your words with "-izzle"? Seriously. Your dad might laugh if he saw it in a commercial right now. But if you weren't sure, it's official with this news: someone created a website called "Gizoogle."

Worse yet, this thing was created by someone young enough to know better; a 28-year-old web designer named John Beatty.

"I started the site a few weeks ago," Beatty told the Washington Post. "I was talking to my buddy on AOL Instant Messenger and he always talks in that izzle-speak, and I do it to my wife all the time and she hates it. I was thinking that it might be cool if there was a site that searched and all of the answers came up in that format."

Dude. Your wife and friends are the only ones who think that $#!t's funny anymore. Either that, or they were just too polite to tell you how lame you've become. Okay, I have to give him some credit. I couldn't have designed a site like that. I'll just make fun of it. But really - the only guy who should be ending all of his words with "-izzle" is Snoop Dogg and even he probably realizes at this point how over the whole thing is.

Now, I'm not going to deny that my sister and I have tried to get my mother, with her thick Malaysian accent, to say something like "fo-sheezie mah-neezie" after she's done complaining about our family, or refuse to get Chinese take-out for her until she calls it "beef lo mizzle," but c'mon - that was at least a year ago. We've matured.

Snoop, as a public service - please tell people to stop. No one's going to listen to me.