Thursday, March 24, 2005

Not touching that dial

▪ Since I don't have TiVo (or a DVR), I find myself occasionally watching commercials. And a few of them running during last night's The West Wing (which has gotten pretty good again) ain't bad. Hellooooooo, Marisa Tomei.

Wait'll you get your Hanes on me! Has she always been this cute in her movies or did the Hanes casualwear get my attention? (Maybe she's had some work done, too.)

▪ And hey, was that Steve Carell back on The Daily Show ?

Dude! The show misses you. Where have you been? Embedded with soldiers fighting in Iraq? Oh, right - you're on that American-ized version of The Office. (Wait - that's not why he was on The Daily Show, was it?) Can it possibly be as good as the British version? Well, the New York Times thinks so. Alessandra Stanley says the show is "very funny - for viewers who never saw the original series on BBC America." Well, thanks to Netflix, I've seen it. So I should probably make other plans for tonight, eh?

▪ One commercial I don't like: the Nike basketball spot with ants crawling all over sneakers, basketballs, and basketball courts. (I couldn't find any links to the ad.) Somehow, this is supposed to make me want to buy shoes or think about college basketball. But my body itches after watching that thing. And I want to disinfect my apartment. I hate ants, man. Who likes 'em? Well, other than Ant-Man, of course.

▪ But I like the ads for the new Sin City flick. This is playing all over TV right now. The geek in me is happy that yet another one of my favorite graphic novels (I know - comic books) has been made into a movie.

I know I should get over that. But the movie looks good. Man, I hope it's good.