Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just make 'em all unisex

And while I'm on the subject of embarrassing myself, is it a big deal that I found myself ("accidentally") in a women's bathroom yesterday? I say no, but Sis was embarrassed for me. (That's a perpetual state for her, by the way.) Here's a note for the Target in Charleston: How about not putting the big "Restrooms" sign just in front of the women's bathroom? But I'll try to defend myself and explain how I got confused.

At the end of the short corridor, there were doors on the left and right. One was closed, one was propped open. The "women" sign was next to the closed door. I figured the "men" sign was behind the open door. So I walked in. And yes, I realized where I was right away, when I didn't see any urinals. But you know what? Ol' Ian had to pee. And I swear the other person in the bathroom was standing up in the stall. That person left and someone else came in while I was tending to my business.

Then, as I'm washing my hands, a woman walks out of a stall and smirks at me. (I think she knew what was going on, as there's a distinct difference between the sound of a man peeing and a woman peeing. Do I need to go into more detail?) All I could say was "whoops." What else could I have done, at least I was washing my hands. Not nearly enough men do that. (Oooh, that might get me in trouble at the next guys meeting...) If I hadn't stopped to wash up, I'd have gotten away with it, man.

As it turns out, the corridor to the men's bathroom was at the far end of the wall. Oh well. Hey, no one caused a scene. No one was hurt. However, I think I did forget to put the toilet seat back down in that stall...