Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Loose ends

Never underestimate the desire of a man with a wife and three kids to prolong any night he gets to go out with friends. How many does he get a year, four or five? He wanted to hit every club and bar he'd been reading about for months. He even would've settled for bowling, just to keep the night going. I felt like a lame-o with my "oh no, I have a really long drive back to Iowa in the morning" reason for cutting the evening short. But man, I'm still dragging from staying out so late with my old friends back home in Ann Arbor. I pulled into rest stops twice during the 450-mile drive to take a nap. I never do that. A six-and-a-half drive became almost ten. Mike, you killed me. I want you to know that. And no, I won't babysit your kids if I move back.