Saturday, March 26, 2005

Where's a satellite dish when I need it?

Congratulations to the University of Michigan hockey team, who defeated Wisconsin, 4-1, last night in the first round of the NCAA hockey tournament. If they can beat Colorado College this evening, Michigan will be on its way to Columbus, OH for the national semifinals (otherwise known as the "Frozen Four.")

Check out the Michigan College Hockey blog for an account of the game. I'll have to depend on those guys, as well as the Ann Arbor News, for recaps of the game, since I'm not getting any college hockey out here in Iowa. FOX Sports Net Chicago broadcast several CCHA games during the regular season, since they had no professional hockey games to show, but the network is failing me miserably now that the postseason tournament has begun. Thanks, guys. No wonder the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks left you for Comcast.