Monday, March 14, 2005

On its way to a film festival near you?

My buddy Pete moved to Austin, TX in hopes of starting a career in the film industry. He's had to take baby steps, but appears to be well on his way to becoming the next... well, I'm not sure who he wants to be. Anyway, Texas treats filmmakers quite nicely, and as evidence of that, I point to the Texas Film Commission's website, where production of Pete's next short film is listed.

Unfortunately, the Texas Film Commission wouldn't let Pete list the title, which is "The Most Gorgeous Penis." (Oh, watch those blog hits skyrocket this week...) It's listed instead as "Untitled Short." Considering the story of the film, there's some irony in that substitute title.

Pete's production company also has the bare-bone beginnings of a website: Drive-In Rebellion Productions. Hopefully, he'll be able to post some of his work there soon.