Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Who's the real baby?

While noodling around in my free time today, I scrolled through Gene Weingarten's weekly chat at Gene writes the Sunday "Below the Beltway" column for the paper. "Chatological Humor" is usually pretty funny (and a good way to kill 30-45 minutes); readers send in the strangest questions. Here was one that caught my eye:

College Park, Md.: I recently got into an argument with a woman coworker. Playing basketball (I am to basketball as to Gene's hair is to bald) I fumbled a pass and it hit me in the soft spot. Very painful. My legs went dead and tears came to my eyes. So I was laughing about that with a coworker who was also playing.

Anyway, a female coworker came in and said that men are such babies. We would never complain about that if we had to give birth. Now, this woman has NO CHILDREN! She has no idea if birth even hurts. For all she would know maybe it's just a ploy by other mothers to keep women from having babies thereby saving the best schools for their kids.

Is a childless mom allowed to use the birth trump card?

Gene's answer was yes, women always get to use that one. I'm going to agree with him, and hope my desire for self-preservation isn't too transparent. But I'd love to hear what you guys think.

One more thing: while driving earlier today, I saw a "Baby in Car" sign inside the rear window of a SUV in front of me. Is this the return of "Baby on Board"? I thought I saw a Gerber logo at the bottom of the sign, but couldn't find anything at the Gerber website. Has anyone else seen one of these?