Friday, March 11, 2005

Hittin' the road

It's time for the Fried Rice Thoughts Spring Break Tour! I'll be on the road most of the day today, driving from Iowa to Michigan, and perusing the various rest stops along I-80 and I-94. (If any of them have wireless access, maybe I'll post an update. ("Hey guys, the rest stop in Morris, IL is top drawer. The air wasn't drenched with stink, the hand dryers actually worked, and no one stood too close to me at the urinals. And great snack machines! Three stars!")

Then after a brief stop at the Casselberry home (which will hopefully involve dinner) in Ann Arbor, it's off to Charleston (SC, not WV - Don't worry, Raging Red, I'm not going to be one of your speed dates) for the weekend to visit my little sister - whom everyone thinks is my older sister because she's much more successful and mature than I am.

(I'm also hoping that, as a pharmacist, she can hook a brother up with all the Sudafed he needs, since virtually anything with pseudoephedrine has become a behind-the-counter drug in Iowa. A couple dozen meth labs have to ruin it for everyone, man. I'm told Ajax is also a key ingredient in methamphetamine. Will I have to go to a pharmacist when I want to clean my sink? )

You know, I don't think a single person living in the South - and that includes my sister - has ever checked out my blog. So maybe a readership drive is in order. I think they're more into grits than fried rice down there, but I'll try to serve some sweet tea with a smile anywhere I can. (And that's not a euphemism for anything... as far as I know.) And hopefully, I'll get some good pictures to post here, too.

After that, I'll be broadcasting the rest of the week from Michigan again, getting all the home cooking I can... and shoveling snow, if the weather and my parents have anything to say about it. But I'll try like hell to squeeze in visits to Ashley's, Sweetwaters Cafe, New York Pizza Depot, and Zingerman's Deli. Ah, it'll be great to be home. Hey, if you're in the neighborhood, say hi. I'll be the guy in the Detroit Tigers hat and hooded sweatshirt, trying to finish Michael Chabon's The Final Solution before I give it to my dad for his birthday.