Friday, March 18, 2005

Keep the day job, Ian

I also wanted to write about the NCAA Tournament, but John beat me to that too, dagnabbit. I think I have John beat when it comes to putrid prognostication skills, however. I'm currently tied for 306th place in Yoni Cohen's Bloggers Bracket. (You have to scroll way down to find my sorry ass in the standings.) As I write this, 24 of 32 first-round tournament games have been played, and I correctly predicted a whopping 16 of those 24. (Big raspberries to you, Alabama and LSU. Thanks for destroying a brother's bracket.) In the world of sports prognostication, that .667 percentage is el stinko. This confirms that I know nothing - especially when it comes to college basketball.

And to kick me while I'm down, "my" Iowa Hawkeyes lost to Cincinnati yesterday, 76-64.

However, my picks for the Final Four are all still alive. Just in case anyone besides myself cares, these are the teams I picked. (Remember: .667) If I'm right about these in two weeks, I know everything.

Wake Forest
North Carolina

Make me look good, guys! Get me up to 300th place, at least...

Update - 10:00 pm: Okay, I'm officially a basketball moron, as Syracuse lost to Vermont tonight, 60-57. Having one of your Final Four picks eliminated in the first round isn't just el stinko, it's el barfo. Evidently, that "gut feeling" I had was from the italian sausage I ate the night before. It was fun while it lasted. (Hopefully, Syracuse's loss helps Michigan State in the Austin Bracket of the tournament.)