Sunday, March 27, 2005

Since I'm not in church on Easter Sunday...

... and finding a brunch sounds like work this morning, I'm reading the Sunday papers.

©2005 Bill Amend

▪ Michigan's hockey season ended just short of the semifinals last night, as they lost to Colorado College, 4-3, but Antoine Pitts of the Ann Arbor News (who might as well be called "Mr. College Hockey" for as long as he's covered the sport) thinks this was one of the best seasons U-M had in recent memory. I wish I'd have caught a game at Yost Ice Arena this season.

Sharon Waxman has an interesting article in today's New York Times about the Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn-Will Ferrell movie comedy clique. Is the fact that all these guys appear in each other's films really funny or kind of annoying?

▪ That giant sigh of relief you may have heard last night was from Champaign, IL. What a comeback for Illinois; they were down by 15 points to Arizona with five minutes left in the game, and 8 points with one minute remaining. According to Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post, this was college basketball at its best. I ain't arguin' with him.

▪ After yesterday's outstanding NCAA tournament games (congratulations to Louisville, as well - they had an amazing comeback of their own), a random thought occurred to me: Is there another sport that celebrates making it to the semifinals of its championship tournament as much as college basketball does?