Friday, April 22, 2005

Will I ever grow up? Part 2

I can hear many of you right now: "Ian, you're too damn old to get excited for a movie about a man who wears his red underpants on the outside of his blue tights." And I want to agree with you. One of these years, I should outgrow my love of comic books and movies based on comic books. Since I'm still indulging my inner 10-year-old, however, I'm eagerly awaiting the new Superman movie. (And I think I can now officially kiss away any ideas that this blog would eventually score me chicks.)

The original Superman flick, with Christopher Reeve, is one of my all-time favorites. I probably watch it 2-3 times a year. I own the soundtrack (which Mis Hooz can reluctantly confirm). A new movie's been in development for years, but only when Bryan Singer (of X-Men and Usual Suspects fame) got involved last summer did this thing finally get moving. He picked an unknown guy originally from Iowa (and a fellow Hawkeye) to play Superman, which raised some eyebrows. How will he do? We'll find out next June. But here's how he looks as Clark Kent:

Hmm, where's he off to in such a hurry? Today, it was revealed what's under that natty attire. Here's what the new man in the red cape looks like. (I was going to pose for the picture, but I've been drinking a lot of beer lately):

They kept the red underpants, which kind of surprises me. (The darker red is a nice touch, though.) But of all the attempts I've seen to re-design Superman's costume, it never works without the underpants. Is it a color thing? You need the red contrasting with the blue? I guess you just need something in the middle there.

I'm not sure if I'm more excited or less excited about the new Superman movie after seeing this picture. Maybe the fact I'm not totally geeked out is a sign of oncoming adulthood. Or maybe I feel funny about being in a public computer lab on campus, looking at a man in blue tights (with, um, red underpants). But who am I kidding - I'll be in the theaters when this bad boy comes out. Any of you with me?