Saturday, April 02, 2005

The debut of "Dear Ian"

Matt posted this in the comments section of my last entry (veering horribly off-topic - you know better, Matthew), but I thought more people might see his question if I put it in a new post. Plus, I thought it might re-ignite the tipping debate, which got pretty interesting when I originally broached the topic. So here it is. Does our friend have a legitimate beef? Is he sticking it to the man? Should he go pick his food up instead of having it delivered?

A while back we were discussing tipping etiquitte, and I have a dilema. Here's the deal-- the chinese place I buy food from charges a $2.50 delivery fee for bringing my food to me. Now, when i first started ordering i was clueless, so i was giving the guy a $2 tip or so on my order... but then i figured i was paying an extra $4.50 on a $20 bill, and that seemed nutty to me. So the next time I called, I asked if the drivers get 100% of the fee, and the lady said yes. So ever since then, I haven't been tipping if the $2.50 fee is more than 15% of my total bill. if my bill is higher, then i tip extra to bring it up. Am i wrong with this? I don't want people spitting in my food, but I also dont want to pay more than i should.