Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pierced eyeglasses?

When it's humid, and I'm sweaty, I get frustrated with my glasses sliding down my nose (it doesn't happen often with my current pair, but my sunglasses get slide-happy), but I've never once thought, "Hey, what if I pierced the bridge of my glasses through the bridge of my nose? Then they'd never slide off!" But maybe that's why I'm just sitting back, writing about stuff, instead of making it happen, like James Sooy.

Sooy has developed a piercing - a 1-inch bar through the bridge of the nose - that can hold up a pair of eyeglasses. He's hoping the idea will catch on with others looking to break free from the tyranny of normal eyeglass wear. (You can find out more at Sooy's website.)

copyright jamessooy 2005

Personally, this isn't going to work for me. I need the drama that pulling off my eyeglasses and rubbing my eyes occasionally provides. And if I have to worry about ripping off my nose when taking off my glasses, well, that's not a concern I need to add to my normal daily list. Plus, I think I'm inching close to that age where I'm officially too old to get anything else pierced.