Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Michael Rosenberg: He's a baller

Yesterday, Evan gave some dap to Michael Rosenberg, a sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press. I would like to join in that praise; he's been doing a fine job. Here's the hilarious first paragraph from Rosenberg's column today:

"Allen Iverson reminds me of me, except that he's black, quick, talented and has 47 more tattoos, a thicker police file, a slightly different hairstyle and less writing ability. Actually, I'm not sure about that last part. For all I know, his diary reads like Tolstoy."

By the way, the Pistons beat the Sixers, 99-84, in game 2 of their playoff series. A big middle finger to ESPN and/or TNT for not showing the game nationally last night. How about some regional coverage, guys? Aren't fans in Iowa, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. closer to Detroit? Might they not care more about that game than New Jersey-Miami? Buncha punks.