Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey, does this stain look divine to you?

I don't know how the Catholic Church had time to choose a new Pope so quickly with all these images of the Virgin Mary popping up everywhere. (Evan has a take on the brand new Pope Benedict XVI that's definitely worth your time.)

This $#!+ is officially out of control now, isn't it?

▪ Melbourne, Australia: The Blessed Lady is supposedly visible in a bedsheet stain. The sheet was discovered in a Salvation Army charity shop.

(Last night's Daily Show had a hilarious feature on this last night. The Monsignor examining the sheet seemed to be more interested in where he'd have lunch.)

▪ Chicago: A yellow-and-white stain on a freeway underpass looks like ol' Mary.

Here's my question - who the hell spotted that one? Somebody sleeping underneath the bridge? Someone stopping to take a piss? Aren't people driving by a little fast to see a stain, let alone process that it looks like the Virgin Mary?