Thursday, April 28, 2005

My man, Tom Cruise

I don't consider myself a Tom Cruise fan, per se, but it's been pointed out to me that I've seen virtually every one of his movies, so I must be a fan on some level. (I'll say it's because "I like the directors he works with." Yeah, that sounds right.) But I just caught a headline while signing on that made me go, "Hey now."

Tom Cruise Dating Katie Holmes

Now this might make me an official Tom Cruise fan. Marrying Nicole Kidman was impressive, but we know how that turned out. But this - this is quality work, Mr. Cruise. I'm compelled to give ol' Tommy a "thumbs up." I wanted to say "Atta boy!" when I read that headline. I've been an admirer of Katie Holmes's works, er... work ever since her days on Dawson's Creek. (Uh, like, a girl I was dating watched the show, so I, uh, had to watch it.)

Now some of you might point to the 16-year age difference between the two ("Atta boy!") and object. I say, hey - when Cupid's Arrow strikes, you can't let trivial things like age stand in the way. When does War of the Worlds come out, Tom? I'll be there.