Thursday, April 28, 2005

Senator Al Franken, I presume?

Today's Salon has a piece on Al Franken's possible 2008 run for the Senate in Minnesota. (Here's the link to it, but I think you need a subscription to read it. Or watch a bunch of ads first. The Raw Story has excerpts, if you'd rather not jump through Salon's hoops.) He's still playing coy, but he's moving back to Minnesota, taking his radio show to Minneapolis. It can't just be that the man misses home - especially when he hasn't lived there in 30 years.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. (Of course, it wouldn't necessarily affect me since I'm not a Minnesota resident. At least not yet. Got any jobs for me, Minneapolis?) Does Franken have more impact for the progressive left on Air America Radio or would he be able to effect more better inside, as a Senator? Would this just be seen as a vanity political run? Would Franken be taken seriously by anyone else besides desperate-to-win-anything Democrats?

For me, this is what it comes down to: What'd piss off Bill O'Reilly more? Then go do that, Al.