Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sticks and stones

If the New York Times Book Review ran essays like this more often, I might start spending $5.00 on its Sunday edition again. (But it's not just the money; it's that I take forever to get through that thing and let it pile up on my armchair week after week.) If I was ever fortunate enough to have my book reviewed by the Times, but the critic referred to me as a "jackass," I'm not sure how I'd react. On one hand, I'd have a review in the New York Times. On the other, a nation of Sunday morning readers (among them, my mother and uncle) would associate me with the word "jackass" as they were contemplating whether or not to try the crossword puzzle.

Anyway, here's how A.J. Jacobs reacted to Joe Queenan's review of his book. Hilarious.