Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quadruple digits, baby!

I just noticed that the hit counter at this lil' narcissistic venture has passed the 1,000 mark. I realize a fair amount of those hits are from me checking in for comments or to make sure an entry published correctly, but to know that people are reading this is a great feeling. Back in October, I started the blog with the dopey name on a bit of a whim, thinking I would regret not at least giving it a try. It's extremely gratifying that you find this stuff interesting enough to keep coming back each day. I'm very grateful for your readership and feedback. Thank you.

And many thanks to the people who have been generous enough to pimp me up on their own blogs and websites: Clint, Libby, Yoni Cohen's college basketball blog, the BCS blog, John at peregrine.blog, the fiery raging red, and Gary at the G-Man News Stand. I appreciate anyone and everyone you've brought my way, and hope I can return the favor.

I know 1,000 is probably a small number, relative to hundreds (if not thousands) of other blogs out there, but it means something to me. I apologize for getting all Oscar acceptance speech on you, especially when I'm not wearing my Vera Wang gown. Carry on and I'll see you later.