Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Matrix revisited

Is anyone else watching "The Matrix" on HBO right now? (HBO's running each installment of the Matrix trilogy over the next three nights.)

With the disappointing taste of the sequels - "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" - still in my mouth, I'd forgotten just how amazing the original "Matrix" was. The effects and fight scenes were eye-popping at the time, only looking less special because they've been imitated in virtually every action movie over the past five years. The premise of living in a world controlled by computers instantly appealed to anyone stuck in an unhappy, unfulfilling life. I hesitate to use this term, but the movie really tapped into the cultural zeitgeist.

And then, of course, there's Carrie-Anne Moss in those tight black pleather pants.


Maybe I'll appreciate the sequels with time. I think the story and premise (not to mention the expectations of fans, critics, and academics) just got away from the Wachowski brothers. But on its own merit, "The Matrix" is still an incredible film. To me, it's easily one of the best science fiction flicks of the last 10 years.