Saturday, February 19, 2005

Snooze, I lose

This is what I get for waiting, for choosing to be "busy" today, "running errands," instead of posting this entry. (I also feel sheepish about my low-key Saturday because a trio of my fellow bloggers - John, Gary, and Heather - were apparently starting a new breakfast club by going into work this morning. But hey, I got up early too... so I could gaze at Campbell Brown on "Weekend Today.")

So anyway, I was ready to write about something Mis Hooz sent me on Thursday called "The Somerville Gates," a witty little parody of "The Gates" by an artist in Somerville, MA.

© Hargo 2005

No reason that New York and Central Park has to hog all of the fun with "nightmare, cheesy, poorly-spaced, garish, ugly glow-in-the-dark orange things," as Keith Olbermann called them.

But the New York Times ran a story about "The Somerville Gates" today, so I don't look nearly as clever as I would've 24 hours ago. And if I can't make myself look clever, then dammit, I'll pout. And whine about it here. Or hope that you read me instead of the Times.

Here's what party-pooper Sarah Boxer wrote.