Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A midnight rant

Where the hell can I find a new pair of headphone pads? The foam is starting to wear away along the edges of my headphones, no doubt taking a beating from wrestling with the textbooks and notebooks in my bag. I'm sure I can find the answer through Google, but it was mildly aggravating when I drove to Target, thinking I could easily find some replacement pads. None were to be found. And I stared for a long time at those racks, hoping they'd somehow miraculously appear. So I tried Best Buy next. They didn't have pads either.

What the @#$%? I know I'm not the only one with this problem. And yes, I could just buy a new pair of headphones for $12. But the headphones I have now are fine. They sound great. I just want new pads, so I don't eventually have plastic rubbing against my tender little ears. I know I've purchased replacement pads before - probably even at Target or Best Buy. Is this an item that just doesn't sell, so these places don't carry them? Do I need to go to Radio Shack?