Sunday, February 20, 2005

Stick my thumbs in my eyes

I should've gone to sleep. I could've gotten drunk, so I would've passed out. But no, since I'm not falling asleep, I'm flipping through TV channels, which on a late Saturday night is a sure invitation to find crap. Oh, I found it: "Gastineau Girls" on E! I shouldn't even link to it. Just the possibility that I might somehow spread this dreck to others upsets me.

I've spent the last half hour watching two women - a mother and daughter - who have no discernable ability, other than to spend money, whine about the fact that they need to meet men who can give them more of it, and thus tart themselves up trying to find such men.

The mother just complained that she lives a lifestyle that requires lots of money. "It takes a fortune," she said. It might take a fortune to lobotomize this $#!@ out of my brain.

How boring are these two morons? The show needs a narrator, some doofus who's apparently a doorman, to try and give this pile of nothing some kind of story. Mom attempts to find a job, but realizes all she's ever done is live off her looks and rich people's money. Daughter wants to move out, but realizes rent requires money. Ian should pour alcohol directly into his eyes, pull the sheets over his head, and go to sleep. I should've known better, I should've known better...