Friday, February 11, 2005

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack

In one week, spring training for Major League Baseball teams begins in Florida and Arizona. I can hear some of you rolling your eyes. (Hey! You know you enjoyed that Yankees game last April, Mis Hooz!) And maybe this time of year is even more exciting because no one's team has lost any games yet. Optimism is the prevailing feeling.

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post is looking forward to the return of Major League Baseball to D.C. Here's a quote from his column today, in which I think he captures some of baseball's appeal really well:

"... baseball is also the game that makes no specific demands for our attention. It is just there if we want it or need it, like comfort food. Baseball doesn't mind if we ignore it for weeks. It will be there, faithful as a dog, when we want to pick up the stats and standings to resume the tale. It's a TV entertainment and a ballpark destination, a companion to the old and a first date to the young, a nightlight for the insomniac and, once in a lifetime perhaps, a party worthy of -- in Boston's case -- a parade for over 3 million in the rain."
But it's not just a love of baseball that's getting me excited; it's the sign that spring and summer are on their way. It's knowing that I'll take a road trip (hopefully, more than one) somewhere this summer, find a ballpark (hopefully, one I've never been to before), and sit back to enjoy three hours of green grass, hot dogs, home runs, stolen bases, double plays, and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the sunshine. I can't wait.