Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dog show!

Our New York correspondent, Mis Hooz, has been a busy lil' society gal this week, taking in "The Gates" on Sunday and hitting the Westminster Dog Show party scene last night. (Hey, you don't see Gawker on this. Take that, Nick Denton.)

Here's a shot of the dog show bar party, from the Mis Hooz camera phone:

The photo's a little dim, but you see the velvet rope, and you see the doggie puppet. Clearly, rip-roaring stuff. I picture the scene like a sports bar on a college football Saturday, with Spaniel fans taking up the tables in one corner, yelling at the Dachshund crowd on the other side of the room. Sometimes it gets ugly, folks. Caught in the middle, generally keeping to themselves and just trying to watch the dog show, are the Terrier boosters. Where are the Poodle people? Probably in the corner booth, with a TV to themselves, trying to avoid getting anything spilled on them.

No idea if Mis Hooz was standing on tables by the end of the night, flashing her Pointers at everyone (save your shorthaired breed jokes, pal). If so, I didn't get any photos of that.

Meanwhile, I don't think you could drag John to a dog show bar party kicking and screaming. Not a fan of the frou-frou little doggie scene. Here's his take on the show at