Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Death and disappointment in Colorado

Of all the obituaries and appreciations I've seen of Hunter S. Thompson over the past two days - and you could spend an entire day reading through all of them - this one from writer Warren Ellis seems the most heartfelt to me. It's not necessarily a flattering portrayal, but Ellis obviously admired Thompson and is disappointed in one of his writing heroes. Here's a clip:

"But how you leave the stage is at least as important as how you enter it. And he left it alone in a kitchen with a .45, dying in – and wouldn’t it be nice if it were the last time these words were typed together? – dying in fear, and loathing."

Henry Allen also seemed to get inside Thompson's head pretty well (if such a thing is possible) in his piece for the Washington Post. For a more conventional tribute, check out what Sean has to say over at Security!