Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Detroit? Your turn next year -- Part 2

Kind of an interesting column by Brian McCollum in today's Detroit Free Press. The consensus seems to be that Paul McCartney's Super Bowl half-time performance was boring and played it too safe. I decided to wash dishes and read in the bathroom at half-time, so I missed the show (though I do love the Beatles) and don't have an opinion on it.

With the Super Bowl in Detroit next year, McCollum wonders what sort of half-time show we'll get. The easy answer, of course, is a Motown revival. Actually, maybe it'll be disappointing if there's not a Motown-oriented half-time show in Detroit. I'm sure that's what most will expect. Plus, this would be a chance for Detroit to show off one of the few things it's celebrated for.

But is that a little too musty, maybe too nostalgic, for some people? Could Detroit do better than parade talent from its gloried past (Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin) on stage? You could go more modern, but Kid Rock and Eminem aren't exactly safe choices. But you probably don't want to go too regional or too safe either - Bob Seger would start a nation-wide channel change.