Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hey, finger people!

Hello to the dozens of people who have found Fried Rice Thoughts while searching Google for Clarence Stowers, the man who found a finger in his frozen custard last weekend. (I especially appreciate those coming over from The Original Musings, which was generous enough to link to my original blog entry.)

Clarence, I'd raise a finger in salute to you, telling you "You're #1!" but a finger is probably the last thing you want to see right now. Or it's the biggest meal ticket you've ever had.

This article from the Charlotte Observer depicts the timeline of the incident, which is much tighter than I originally thought. I was under the impression some time had passed between the finger (which belongs to Brandon Fizer) being cut off and being served to Stowers. But the progression of events occurred almost immediately. The finger was cut off, it fell into a bucket of frozen custard, and that custard was served to customers right away. That, my friends, is fast food.

Worst of all, Fizer still had a chance to have his finger re-attached. But Stowers wouldn't give it back, wanting to keep it as evidence for TV stations and lawyers. Is he in store for some bad karma (maybe an attack by the severed finger come to life, like in the awful 80s horror movie, The Hand)? Or does he get a free pass, because that finger was in his food?