Monday, May 16, 2005

Back in Michigan

Well, I'm back in Michigan a bit sooner than I anticipated, and will probably be here for a while. After finishing school in Iowa (not to be confused with Finishing School - I did not spend the last two years learning how to properly set tables, drink tea, or walk in heels with a book balanced on my head - though I would be an outstanding society wife), Mama Casselberry asked if I could come home right away to help out with my father, who was released from the hospital last Thursday.

So for the next two weeks or so, I'll be playing the role of Dad's personal nurse. Fortunately, Dad doesn't share Jack Byrnes's opinion of male nurses. No, we're more like Jason Robards and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Magnolia.

Don't worry, Dad - you're looking much better than Jason Robards.
Thanks, son. Why the hell are you wearing that hat?

Okay, it's not that bad. But Dad's in pretty rough shape right now. He's still quite weak; just getting up to use the bathroom is a big physical exertion for him. (Thankfully - at the risk of sounding shallow - he can use the bathroom by himself. We did not have to see just how far a son's love stretched.) But he's slowly - slowly - getting a little stronger each day. Most of the time, he sleeps, which leaves plenty of time for a young blogger to frolic across his keyboard.

Alas, my two-week farewell tour was scrapped - or more specifically, crammed into one night. (If you'd like to know how that went, just refer to any Kid Rock video. I will say, for the record, that nothing was ingested that would require the use of The Original Whizzinator for the next couple of weeks.) Save your goodbyes for a couple of weeks, fellow Hawkeyes. My loose ends in Iowa will have to be tied up over Memorial Day weekend.