Friday, June 10, 2005

Always trying to accommodate

Dayna reminded me that I didn't write about my Wednesday night birthday dinner. Unfortunately, there's nothing too exciting to report. But hey, since I brought it up...

The birthday dinner was fun, though the ambiance of Kim's Express in downtown Charleston was a bit lacking. It was kind of hard to enjoy the food (which was good, by the way - Bul Go Gi and Bi Bim Bop - they sound like manga cartoons) and the conversation while "World's Wildest Police Videos" was blasting from a plasma TV on the wall.

But I think the staff and owners of the Korean restaurant were so surprised to see another Asian in Charleston (Sis joked that the entire Korean population of Chucktown was probably working in the restaurant) that they couldn't help showing their gratitude. We got some free appetizers and our entrees seemed extra loaded with food. They loved serving "Mama."

Lesson to be learned: If you have an ethnic mother, take her to a restaurant run by her people, and they will love you.

Dinner conversation centered around my fresh buzz cut. Sis thinks I look a bit like Scott Savol, one of the American Idol rejects. (Mama Cass accompanied me to the salon and said watching my head get sheared reminded her of watching a dog get its hair cut.) I might try to parlay that into some summer singing gigs. Stay tuned.

Sis says she was kidding, but I'm holding a grudge. I think I look more like Brad Pitt.

Okay, I look nothing like Brad Pitt. I'll start growing my hair back out. Besides, sweat keeps pouring into my eyes with this humidity.