Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I know, but still... !

I knew it was coming. We all did. The price of gas was $2.99 this morning at 9 am. By 5 pm, on the way home, it had soared to $3.20. And it's Wednesday! How #@$%ing much will gas cost by the holiday weekend? Any guesses? $3.50?

And I know this question always comes up when you talk gas prices, but for those of you that had holiday road trips in mind, is this giving you second thoughts? I thought about watching the Tigers play the White Sox in Chicago this weekend, but I'm thinking a good ol' cookout at home might be better. With a bicycle trip to the grocery store, of course...

(Image from "Get Fuzzy" ©2005 Darby Conley/ Dist. by UFS, Inc.)