Monday, August 29, 2005

I can't do it

No matter how hard I try, I can't call him Diddy.

But I understand. He had to drop the "P," because it was getting between him and his fans. And how can you not applaud a man who not only wants to get closer to the people, but bring them together. You can't have one side chanting "P. Diddy" and the other side screaming for "Diddy." Believe me, I understand.

Hopefully, Diddy brought everyone closer at last night's MTV Video Music Awards. I don't know, because I didn't watch them. I thought about it, but my TV wouldn't let me. It said I was officially too old to watch.

But I did manage to sneak a quick peek at the "pre-show." And age didn't seem to stop MTV's John Norris from dressing like a complete and utter jackass, with 70s-style sunglasses, a sleeveless purple t-shirt, and white linen pants. Not sure about the pants, actually. The TV switched the channel before I could get a better look. I wish I had pictures. I can't find any at this hour. Surely, someone more enterprising and tech-savvy will take care of that soon.

I would think Norris long ago became too old to be on MTV. Shouldn't he have moved to CBS News or someplace like that by now? Anyway, I'm off to have my oatmeal. Gotta do what I can to stay regular at my age.

EDIT (2:20 pm): And this via Fried Rice Thoughts' New York bureau chief Mis Hooz - Here's another example of "P" possibly getting between someone and his (or in this case, her) fans. (Scroll down to the bottom on this link.)

She's so tuned in.