Friday, August 26, 2005

Me, Jim & Lance

Did you catch Lance Armstrong on Larry King Live last night? If you're not familiar with the story, a French newspaper reported that six of Armstrong's urine samples tested positive for an illegal performance enhancer in 1999. But I'm not getting into that. (Beyond Boxscores does a fine job of breaking down the whole story and its validity. And King Kaufman looked at this with a somewhat wider scope yesterday in Salon.)

(Image via the Associated Press/ CNN's Larry King Live)

No, I want to make fun of how bizarre it seemed for both Larry King and fill-in host Bob Costas to be interviewing Armstrong. I know it's Larry King's show, but this was one night where he should've stepped aside for the sports guy (and frankly, a much better interviewer). First of all, King and Costas were tripping over each other like two guys trying to make a move on the same woman at a bar. But then you had instances in which Costas would ask Armstrong whether he was really interested in getting into politics, followed by King barging in with, "Are you and Sheryl Crow getting married?" (Don't believe me? Here's the transcript.)

The whole setup felt kind of awkward. But I don't watch Larry King Live that regularly (despite posting about it twice in a week). Maybe this sort of thing happens a lot now. Does King often share interviews with, say, the carnivorous Nancy Grace? I'll bet he wasn't sharing Pamela Anderson with anyone Monday night.

But there was other stuff on TV last night, too. Before watching Larry, Bob & Lance (I think you can find that in the curtained-off section at the video store), I was enjoying Me, Myself & Irene on F/X. To me, this is the Farrelly Brothers' most underrated movie. Everyone likes There's Something About Mary, and so do I, but I think Irene is better. Give me something funnier than Jim Carrey's three black children. And how about the breast feeding scene? Or the one with the dead cow on the road? I'll take those; you can keep Cameron Diaz's "hair gel."

EDIT: I also noticed that HBO ran a documentary about a porn star last night. So please indulge me while I link to my entry from last month, "Why I need my HBO back."

(Images from Me, Myself & Irene © 2000 Twentieth Century Fox)