Thursday, September 01, 2005

See, Mom? I was right all along!

There's plenty of other stuff I want to get to, but in my fleeting moments of free time this morning, I'll post this. While reading Gene Weingarten's Tuesday humor chat (known as "Chatological Humor" or "Tuesdays with Moron") at (something I recommend for all of you to check out if you have the time and/or inclination), this little nugget came up in the discussion. I've never heard of this, but a couple of people backed up the assertion. So is it true? Or just excuse-justifying nonsense? From the chat transcript:

Re: Making Your Bed: Your "ideal woman" is actually wrong about this. Making a bed causes it to be more inviting to bed bugs and other parasites. A messy bed is safer.

Gene Weingarten: Why on Earth would that be?

And later:

Bed bugs: An allergist explained to me that dust mites are unhappy below 70 degrees -- I think they die -- so that was why I didn't have as many problems with my dust mite allergy in the winter (we keep thermostat at 70 in the winter, turn it down to 62 at night). She also said that it is good to leave a bed unmade in the morning to let it cool down and kill the mites. Perhaps this applies to bed bugs, too. I remember in historical novels people letting beds air out. BUt you can still make them up after they have cooled off, so no excuse for slobs.

Gene Weingarten: Man, this could change EVERYTHING. Because women are the principal proponents of made beds AND the principal opponents of bedbugs and mites.


Bedbugs: Scientific study: making the bed keeps the sheets damper, hence a better environment for the mites and other beasties. Leaving the bed unmade allows better ventilation, thus dehydrating the little suckers.

Gene Weingarten: Even better!

I'm with Gene - this could change everything! Speaking as an avowed non-bed-maker (because I'm, uh, a busy man in the morning, you see), is this actual evidence that unkempt sleeping quarters are safer and cleaner? (Well, maybe not cleaner...) As was mentioned, however, it's only temporary. A bed should still be made. But seriously, I'm curious if anyone else reading this today has heard about this. (And honestly, did you make your bed this morning?)