Saturday, January 08, 2005

Scott loves Donna (plural)

Things I thought I might never hear? The Donnas this morning on NPR's "Morning Edition." The contrast between Scott Simon's distinctly NPR-type of voice and The Donnas crunching guitars was certainly amusing. It was rather surreal to hear the band rock through songs like "Fall Behind Me" and "Don't Break Me Down," followed by Simon's "thank you." It was also hilarious to hear rock music come from the bathroom upstairs, where my dad was getting ready for the day. The door was closed, but I know Denny was shakin' it, beating his toothbrush or razor against the sink to the beats.

Meanwhile, I was smitten with the voices coming from the radio. The Donnas sound adorable when they're not rockin'. (Their band name used to be The Electrocutes.) You think they'd be pissed with me for saying that? Look at the photo above; how could they get mad at me? And if they did, I doubt I'd put up much of a fight. How hot are women playing drums and electric guitars?