Monday, January 17, 2005

Random thoughts

• If there was any doubt as to whether the New England Patriots are the best team in football - and the favorites to win the Super Bowl - yesterday's 20-3 victory over the Indianapolis Colts should erase that. I imagine most so-called experts picked the Colts mostly because they've become tired of seeing the Patriots win. How quickly they forget: Bill Belichick is probably the best head coach in the National Football League. Given enough time (and he had two weeks to scheme up a defense for the Colts), his team can seemingly beat any team.

(I'm not sure I'd like Boston winning both the World Series and Super Bowl, however.)

• Is anyone else over the Desperate Housewives now? I should've done more with my time than watch the Golden Globe awards last night, but it was irritating to see those five women constantly paraded in front of the camera. Enough already! I'll admit I bought into the hype at first, but now it's out of control. It's an okay show with some beautiful women and a hint of mystery to the storyline, but that's it.

• I have to see "Million Dollar Baby." I was somewhat surprised to see Clint Eastwood beat out Martin Scorsese for the Best Director award at the Golden Globes, but since I haven't seen his movie, it's hard for me to really have an opinion. As someone who loves movies, I'm annoyed when a film is huge with the critics, yet isn't showing everywhere. But according to the Internet Movie Database, "Million Dollar Baby" should go into wider release (even out here in Iowa, hopefully) this coming Friday.

• One more Golden Globes thought: When was the last time Robin Williams was funny? I won't say he didn't deserve his lifetime achievement award last night, because his body of work (I thought he was great in "Good Will Hunting") probably warrants an honor of some sort. But when he took the microphone to accept the award, I had to wonder if the audience was laughing out of courtesy. His "jokes" included:

"I'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for having an open bar. This makes this evening go kind of well."

"I also want to thank you for having Prince, William Shatner, Puff Daddy and Mick Jagger on the same stage. That is the sign of the apocalypse."

Robin, please go away quietly...