Saturday, January 29, 2005

The big picture

I've been meaning to post a photo from my friend Libby's website - Monstress Productions - ever since I started this blog. The moments and images she's able to capture from her life in New York City are funny, fascinating, and sometimes just hypnotic. For me, this is one of them:

© 2005 Monstress™ Productions

I wish I could blow this up to a bigger size here, but you can see a larger image over at Libby's site. (Click on the Big Picture archive.) Something about this one really affected me. I suppose I could try to say something about image composition, framing, and all that, but I'd just be pretending to know what I'm talking about. (But the framing is beautiful.) This is what I see: a little man, looking out at the world, and being dwarfed by it. That's a feeling I'm sometimes consumed with, as I ponder just what the hell I'm going to do once I'm done with my studies here in Iowa. I can step off the ledge and take a chance with what's out there, or step back inside where it's safe (but dark).

I also want to thank Libby for posting a link to my blog, which is extremely generous of her. If you've found me through her, I appreciate you reading this. I'm not sure I belong with the other sites she's linked to; the others are legitimate artists who have created some amazing work that deserves to be seen. I'm just some dope who writes about what he read in the New York Times or watched on TV. If you get a chance, please check those sites out; you'll be fascinated by what you see.