Thursday, January 06, 2005

I need that outlet!

An amusing article in today's New York Times discusses the frenetic battle in places like Starbucks and airport terminals for power outlets, which are coveted by those needing to keep their laptops, cell phones, iPods, Palm Pilots, GameBoys, and other assorted gadgets charged. Businesses are recognizing the need (or enabling the problem) and installing more outlets. And not just in walls either; in armrests, underneath chairs and tables, etc.

I ran into this myself last week at Ann Arbor's Sweetwaters Cafe. My quaint corner seat by the window, which I enjoyed quietly staring out of between pages of "Middlesex," was unfortunately right next to one of those valuable outlets. Thus my temporary sanctuary was interrupted by a fellow patron who wanted to stretch the power cord for his laptop across my table to the outlet in the wall. Rather than have the cord run underneath my elbow and next to my coffee, I decided it was better to switch tables with the guy. At least I was still by the window. Right after I switched, another guy came over and plugged his cell phone charger into the wall too.