Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mr. Tony is back!

I don't expect anyone else reading (and thank you for reading) my blog to care about this, but I'm thrilled about it, so I'm writing about it.

Close friends and family know I was disheartened when Tony Kornheiser's talk radio show was "retired" on ESPN Radio last March, probably due - though this was never publicly confirmed - to philosophical differences with ESPN Radio management. Kornheiser - co-host of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" and frustratingly occasional (of late) sports columnist for the Washington Post (the material of which inspires the CBS show, "Listen Up") - said he loved doing radio, however, and would be back on the air when his batteries recharged (or his ESPN Radio contract ran out, whichever you choose to believe), most likely on local Washington D.C. radio.

Yes, Tony

That day has come! I wish I'd been following this more closely, but over the past week or so, I'd noticed Tony saying "I talked to (fill in the blank) on the radio today." What? Did this mean he had a radio show again? Apparently, I need to be hit over the head with a brick to get the idea, and that brick came when Tony's "PTI" co-host, Michael Wilbon, mentioned the radio show on his weekly Washington Post online chat. One Google search later, I found Tony's new show, on D.C.'s Sports Talk 980-AM. And best of all, the station streams its shows on the internet! The old, familiar theme song, Tony's co-host, Andy Pollin - it's all back, without the ESPN trimmings, and I can listen to it. And if I wasn't already thinking of getting XM Satellite Radio after graduating in May and rejoining the real world, Tony's show will be part of the XM lineup.

I'm not getting anything done today. And I know my sister will call me a dork for all this. I don't care. I'm a happy, happy man.