Monday, February 27, 2006

Was I supposed to put orange juice in the humidifier?

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions in the comment box for cold remedies. They were all extremely helpful, which was very kind of you. I probably made a mistake, however, by trying them all at the same time. So I spent most of the day near-comatose, unable to stand upright for much more than an hour.

Is it possible that I was really healthy, despite feeling sick and queasy at the same time? Chew on them apples for a minute...

Fortunately, most of the stuff was out of my system by the evening, when I had to help with "magazine business." (At least I think it was out of my system. I may well have been a gibbering idiot who sweated, pissed, and drooled all over the room...) And I feel a hell of a lot better now. So you will receive your proper post tomorrow.

Oh, and I agree with Jim. Stacy Keibler wuz robbed last night. But the right guy still won.

(Image from "Get Fuzzy"
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