Thursday, February 23, 2006

I think I'm going to be okay

With the ladies' free skate at the Winter Olympics tonight, figure skating is generating so much heat that even the manliest of sports bloggers (such as, say, this guy) cannot ignore it. Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience is acknowledging this conflict, but in the best interests of men throughout the country, has outlined some rules for male TV viewers to follow this evening. For example:

You must be drinking beer and eating munchies, preferably pork rinds or beer nuts, while tuned in. Wine and cheese will cause you to lose your card. Unless that wine is Mad Dog 20/20 and the cheese has "Whiz" in the name...

I think I can abide by such guidelines. But I'll need to make a stop at the grocery store. And maybe put in an order for a giant Italian sub with extra hot peppers.

This is a like a buoy thrown to a drowning man. I'm going to be okay. We're all going to be fine. On the behalf of male sports fans everywhere, thank you, Big Al.

Bring home the gold, Sasha! (And Irina, if you're interested in a consoling shoulder after the Olympics, my e-mail address is at the upper right of this page...)

And if you'd like a breakdown of the competition with a predicted order of finish, Susannah has what you need at Pub of Knowledge.