Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can you say "License to kill" again, Danny?

Now I really want to hear Daniel Craig order that martini "shaken, not stirred."

Apparently, the new 007 lost his two front teeth during a fight scene that got a little too real. Craig ended up taking a real punch right in the mouth. Everyone on the set thought he was just acting until they saw blood seeping between the poor guy's fingers. Man, those British thespians suffer for their art!

So will there be a whistle when he says "James Bond"? Should Bond go with the "gold fronts" look or save the world looking like Leon Spinks? Okay, enough jokes. Losing your front teeth from a punch has to be awful. (Thanks to Pop Candy, my blog crack, for the news.)

There's another bit of entertainment news (via Mis Hooz at the FRT New York bureau) that I wanted to comment on, because it bothered me all weekend. I felt sorry for Kid Rock.

Why? Because a guy shouldn't have to share his sex tape headlines with another man, especially with a tool like Scott Stapp. It's even worse when headlines like "Scott Stapp And Kid Rock Do The Nasty On Videotape" make it sound like the two of them were directly involved with each other. And we know Kid Rock is much too badass for that.

C'mon, the man took Jimmy Kimmel to American Coney Island during a tour of Detroit. He deserves his own sex tape.