Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh, you thought that candy was for you?

I'm usually kind of "Bah, humbug!" about Valentine's Day. Actually, that makes it sound like I'm really opposed to it. And I don't feel that strongly. It's more of a shoulder shrug. You can get some great deals on candy at the grocery store. I like candy. But I'm trying to stay away from it these days.

I used to work with a person who made a point to wear all black on Valentine's Day so she could express her utter disdain for the holiday. Why not just wear a t-shirt that says "I'm really, really single, I #@#%ing hate it, and I want everyone to know"?

When I asked her if it was possible that she was putting as much effort into the day as anyone buying flowers, going out to dinner, or sprinking trails of rose petals, her pupils seemed to turn bright laser red. But if you looked closer, you could see the wires cross and sputter in her brain. Anyway, wherever she is, I hope she's somehow enjoying the day. Or at least not caring so much about it.

On the few occasions when I've been dating someone at this time of year, only once was I with someone who made a big deal out of the occasion. And apparently, I messed that up. No special dinner plans. No flowers. Not even a Russell Stover box of candy. Just a card. And get this, it wasn't even pink. She was pretty mad at me. But here's how I saw it: I'm plenty romantic for the other 364 days a year when no one tells me I have to be. And if she couldn't see that, she had the problem.

Yeah, so that didn't last very long. Fortunately, most of the women I've dated have seen things my way. I've been a lucky man.

But I'm in a Valentine's kind of mood right now. Today, I'd like to give a Valentine to each of you stopping by to read Fried Rice Thoughts. Sweetheart candies and chocolate-dipped strawberries for all! And, of course, a card...

And if you're curious as to what I'll be doing with the person I love the most (that would be me) this evening, this book might give you a hint. Oh, I do love cooking for myself. We just have to be done in time for House.