Monday, February 06, 2006

They're not even trying anymore

As I said yesterday, I strongly believe that today, the day after the Super Bowl, should be a national holiday. So I was leaning toward not posting anything. But Mis Hooz called from the New York bureau and told me I had to work if she did. Of course, she's right. So here are a few stray thoughts bouncing around in my mind.

That had to be the worst batch of Super Bowl commercials ever. The cover of last week's Metro Times was better. (I wonder if my old buddy Doug Coombe took that photo. Hey, I would've made that pose if he'd asked. And that's probably why he didn't ask.)

If you watched the game, or if you tune in especially for the commercials, what did you think? We won't be talking about any of those ads a week from now. USA Today's annual "Ad Watch" gave its top ranking to the Budweiser "magic fridge" spot. It seemed like a rerun of two or three old Budweiser ads to me.

I think the "Ted Ferguson: Bud Light Daredevil" commercial with the dude staying at work for five extra minutes - on a Friday - is much funnier. (Budweiser ruined the joke by stretching the gag into two or three other spots, but that's another post.) But none of them match the Sprint ad with the two guys dancing to Salt N' Pepa in their office. That one never gets old.

Okay, I did like the Kathy Griffin Sierra Mist ad. That was funny. But it was a smile, not a laugh.

▪▪ Not that it was anything near original, but did you notice that today's Detroit News sports section stole the headline from yesterday's post? Oh yeah, I'm sure that's where they got the idea from.

▪▪ In case you didn't see it, someone asked if that was really my mother who left a comment to last Friday's post. I stand by the statement I made at the end of the thread. And my sister will testify to my mother employing such tactics to avoid interrogation. We always wondered why Mom never taught us how to speak Chinese.