Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why My Face is Frequently in My Palm

Earlier this week, I mentioned on both my Google Talk status message and Twitter feed that I was "working on a zen-like calm." Two friends have asked me what that was all about. While this video isn't directly the cause of it, the sentiment expressed by the woman from Virginia is at the root of my need to simma down now.

Here's the full clip from PBS' NOW, which provides a better context. The woman's husband is still trying to decide who he'll vote for.

This is almost a follow-up to my post about Bill Maher's Religulous. I understand the value religion can hold in people's lives. But when it's used to justify a horribly narrow and deliberately divisive worldview, and to mask ignorance and bigotry, I just can't abide by that. And it gives others people of faith a terrible name.

My father, a Lutheran, was a deeply religious man. Toward the end of his life, he was conflicted about his church's lack of inclusiveness in certain matters. He would be disgusted by this.

And during this 2008 presidential election, that kind of mentality has somehow become the view of the Republican party. At least for those still on board the sinking ship of the McCain campaign.

After November 4, I hope I don't have to hear much more of this thinly veiled prejudice. Or I hope I just won't pay attention and let it get to me.

(via Andrew Sullivan)