Friday, October 17, 2008

Watch Out for Those Terriers, Muslins, and Jers

I don't know if anyone else expected the "Crazy McCain Rally Lady" (the one who said she couldn't trust Barack Obama because she believes he's "an Arab") to pop up on SNL's "Weekend Update Thursday," but I sure didn't see that coming. But thanks to, we all get to see it again.

The clip runs a bit long (and includes other stuff), so if you're pressed for time, the Republican nominee's enlightened supporter interrupts Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers's newscast between the 1:14 and 4:04 marks.

Brilliant! And much funnier than anything in the presidential debate parody that began the program. Kristen Wiig is a national treasure. She nailed that clueless, somewhat disheartened "No... ?" perfectly. If SNL gave her the chance, I get she could do a better Obama than Fred Armisen, too.