Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tina Fey Sends Little Starbursts

I think we're actually getting to the point where anything SNL can do to make fun of Gov. Mooseburger isn't quite as funny as the real thing. But thankfully, they'll keep trying because Tina Fey is totally locked in now. What a maverick.

Once again, for those who didn't see last night's opening sketch, here you are:

Did that skit make you sit up a little straighter on your couch? You betcha.

Whomever had the idea to cast Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill should at least get a pat on the back. If only Ifill really made the same bewildered expressions that the Queen kept flashing at Fey. And a pretty nice job by Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden, though the writing made his impression much better than the actual impersonating.

Is SNL really off next week? Oh, wait - they'll be doing Thursday shows up until the election. Maverick-y!